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A web-based patient feedback and data collection system – a solution to monitor clinical practice
Monday 9 October 2017

Mr Dennis Kosuge (Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon) utilises an online system to monitor how his patients who have undergone hip or knee replacements do. Pro One (Amplitude Clinical Outcomes) is an e-mail based system that allows him to collect patient reported outcome measures (PROMs) directly from the patient – patients are asked at various defined intervals to complete questionnaires ranging from how they are doing with the operated hip/knee and if they have had complications. This data is accessible to Mr Kosuge at any stage. In addition, the system collects information such as ‘Friends & Family’ test and Patient Experience surveys. At present, it is a fairly unique way of monitoring patient outcomes but as this is an excellent tool for surgeons to take ownership of their own practices, Mr Kosuge feels such systems will become more popular with time. Mr Kosuge reviews the collected data regularly to reflect on his practice and evolve his practice by identifying areas that may be enhanced. With this system, patients should feel more involved in their care with the reassurance that feedback to questions on the e-mail system reach Mr Kosuge.  

Using data collected from this system, Mr Kosuge can demonstrate that latest PROMs for hip and knee replacements continue to improve. At six months post-operation:

                                                 Mr Kosuge         National*

Post-op Oxford Hip Score           39.8                  39.8

Health Gain                                   24.1                  21.7

                                                 Mr Kosuge         National*

Post-op Oxford Knee Score         37.1                  35.8

Health Gain                                   18.0                  16.6

Higher post-operative scores suggest better patient outcomes and greater health gains suggest greater effect of intervention. *NHS Digital. 2016-17 PROMs Final Publication.

“Knee pain eventually made walking and cycling impossible and my general fitness deteriorated. I was told my knee needed to be replaced. Pain killers and physio had been attempted at first but my knee showed no sign of improvement. I undertook x-rays and blood tests at Rivers Hospital to try and identify the problems further. Mr Kosuge was very clear in his pre-surgery explanation and gave me confidence. The surgery went superbly well. He has a system of email questionnaires which I complete at every stage of progress and recovery for a year, to ensure monitoring and feedback. Rivers Hospital was excellent throughout. The nurse who accompanied me through surgery was amazing as well as the other nurses who were all very supportive and helpful. I am now almost fully mobile (6 weeks after surgery) and have resumed my walking and cycling again which I was unable to do before the operation.” Patient, September 2017

For the full article on the system and how Mr Kosuge is utilising it please read the article he has produced. 

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