CT Scans

New 64 slice CT Scanner


The Radiology Department has recently acquired the “World’s first adaptive scanner” which has enabled us to improve on the CT service they provide, while also allowing us to provide many new services too.

An overview below on its new capabilities and improvements.

Higher Quality Images

New detector technology inside the machine means we can produce much crisper images than before and also look at details within the body as small as 0.6mm. This means subtle pathologies, such as small liver lesions, are now easier to detect than before.

Increased Speed

The scanner performs its scans in less time than before which means less time for the patients to hold their breath and also less chance of patient movement during the scans.

Worlds First Adaptive Scanner

This was the first scanner to adjust the dose the patient receives based purely on the size of the patient which means the patient always receives the lowest dose possible without compromising image quality every time.

Lower Doses

Thanks to new technology within the x-ray tube, sensitivity of the detectors and the Adaptive Doses this means we can cut radiation dose by up to 68% compared to using conventional methods.

New Services created thanks to many of the advantages of the new scanner.

CT Coronary Angiogram

CT coronary angiograms are starting to become ever more popular amongst Cardiologists now that CT technology has moved forward. Our scanner has the latest technology, which allow us to create snapshots of the heart when they are still while keeping the doses extremely low.

Pain management

We are starting to provide pain management services in CT which include; CT Guided Nerve Root Injections, CT Guided Facet injections. The scanner has a second screen within the scanner room which allows our radiologists to perform the whole procedure without ever having to leave the room. The advantages we are seeing by using CT for pain management is that for the patient no sedation is required, only local anaesthetic. The images created can be as thin as 0.6mm which allows the radiologist to place the needle with extreme accuracy to ensure the best possible outcome.

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